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Making things that make other people want to make things that make me want

to make things.

Video Work

Experiments and projects in various forms of video and animated media.

Maple Meadows

Maple Meadows is a family-run homestead located in the tranquil farmland surrounding Tipp City, Ohio. Utilizing their naturally occurring resources on the farm, they produce high quality honey, syrups, jams and other goods to be sold at local farmer's markets and trade shows.

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Maple Meadows

Project Gallery

Website Design

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Tied Migrants

Tied Migrants is an immersive recontextualization of my experience growing up in a military household. Viewers are confronted with video footage captured by friends and family as it is projected in a news grid.

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Whimsical, psychedelic compositions and nostalgic imagery make up these random dreamscapes and amalgamations of chaotic patternmaking.

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Miami Valley Beekeepers Association

Miami Valley Beekeepers Association [MVBA] is a community group of beekeepers that consists of beginning and advanced beekeepers. MVBA promotes education and mentorship for anyone interested in starting an apiary, maintaining their hives, or have a new interest in the process.

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Social Media

Consider it a public sketchbook.

Ed Update Cover 2
Ed Update Cover 2

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Cover and Spread
Cover and Spread

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Benefits and Article
Benefits and Article

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Ed Update Cover 2
Ed Update Cover 2

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NAEMSE Educator Update

The National Association of EMS Educators (NAEMSE) publishes this quarterly EMS Education magazine that examines current research, best practices and industry news to a nationwide network of over 3,000 high-level EMS Educators.

Got some questions? Makes sense.



Q1. What do you do?

That's a good one, allow me to explain:

  • I make things that make people want to make things that, in turn, make me want to make more things. Swimming in circles.

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Q2. What services do you offer?

Another great question, you're on a roll:

  • I'm available for branding and logo design, animation, motion graphics, social media, drawing commissions, or anything and everything that sounds interesting.

Q3. How can I message you?

This one's easy, scroll down and send me an email!

Q4. Are you interested in taking on obscure projects?

You best believe I am! If you have a project that doesn't fit into the 'services I offer', let me know anyway. Even if it's not for me, I like to know about things people make, i.e. the answer to Q1.

Lets talk.

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